Kris White, Photographer
Kris at work off the Bold Coast Trail,
Cutler, Maine, USA

Kristopher White is an academic geographer currently based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. While mainly designed to showcase photography, this site's name, nomadgeophoto, pays tribute to some of the author's passions in life: geography, photography, travel, and Central Asia.

"I am not a professional photographer, though have on occasion been paid for my photographs. Perhaps my most gratifying job was as a photographer for the University of Connecticut's Daily Campus from 1999 to 2001, allowing close access to sporting events and providing an education in darkroom film developing. During this time I also lucked into a shooting assignment for the Hartford Advocate, a cover story devoted to the UConn football team. I learned SLR photography on a silver-bodied Olympus OM-2 mounted with a Zuiko 50mm/1.8 lens. Liking the quality of the Zuiko lenses and the intuitive ease of the Olympus design, I later acquired an OM-2000, an OM-4 (which may still be my favorite camera — multi-spot metering!), and a host of Zuiko lenses, including a 300mm/4.5, 85mm/2, 75-150mm/4, and 28mm/2.8. I often long for the smell of a just-opened roll of Fuji Provia slide film, the crispness of that 85/2 through the big, bright viewfinder of the OM-4, feeling the film's slight resistance against the thumb while manually advancing, and the excited anticipation of the initial viewing of slides through a loop over a light table. The process of making images today, while the methods may have changed a bit, remains as enjoyable as ever. After all, the most fulfilling aspect of photography for me is the purposeful seeing, observing, reflecting, appreciating, and (every once in a great while) successfully capturing a fleeting moment of beauty or meaning.

Most of the images included in this site were made with either a Nikon D70s or D80 mounted with a 12-24mm/4 DX, 50mm/1.4 D, 18-70mm/3.5-4.5 DX, or 80-200mm/2.8 D lens. I hope to someday soon purchase a quality slide scanner, enabling the inclusion of images made with my old Olympus OM gear. As life seems to be, this site is a work in progress. As long as I am fortunate enough to travel and/or make images, the site will be updated as new locations and imagery permit. I greatly appreciate your visit here, and hope that as you view my images you might, if only for a moment, experience at least a fraction of the emotion I have felt in making them."

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